Little Devil

The children have already been on holiday for a week and Elizabeth is bored. Jason and Jasmine aren't taking much notice of her and all her friends seem to be away. Elizabeth really wishes that something exciting would happen. That's when an unexpected visitor arrives. He's got two horns, a tail and the ability to grant almost any wish.

For Elizabeth, her brother Jason and her cousin Jasmine this looks like it is going to be the most exciting summer ever!

But a word of warning - sometimes you should be careful what you wish for...


The Author

About the Author - Simone Solon

Simone Solon grew up in London. She has been writing since she was little when she first enjoyed making up animal stories inspired by a love of horses and her pet cat! She has held a range of jobs from working back stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company to teaching children reading and English literature and working as a classroom assistant. She has two children of her own and now lives in West London.



The Illustrator

About the Illustrator - Katriona Chapman

Katriona lives and works in London. She graduated from Goldsmith's College in 2001 with a first-class degree in literature and theatre arts. In 2006 she won 1st prize in Derwent's 'Illustrate a Fairytale'competition. She has exhibited in one of the Association of Illustrators' 'Best of British Contemporary Illustration' exhibitions and in the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art and at the Shunt Vaults in London Bridge. She has worked with numerous clients in the the UK and the USA including Floris Books for whom she has illustrated three books and done cover illustrations.To find out more about Katriona's work go to www.katrionachapman.com


Meet the characters


Excerpts from the book

Excerpts from the book

   The creature was like nothing the three children had ever seen before. It was the size of a small child, its skin was reddish and it had a long, barbed tail and two short, curving horns. Its tail was firmly wrapped around the trifle from which it took sticky handfuls and swallowed them down, making greedy eating noises and smacking its lips, while pulling awful faces at Elizabeth. Elizabeth was standing under the clothes tree and pulling awful faces back at it. Noticing the arrival on the scene of her brother and her cousin she momentarily straightened out her face and said, "Isn't it wonderful?"


   Elizabeth had never noticed before that chimneys were so ... horrible! "Are we really going up there?" she asked tremblingly.
   "If we want to fly we are," answered Jason stoically.
   "You don't have to come," said Jasmine gently. "You can go back to bed if you like.” Jasmine wasn't keen on heights and she wasn't at all sure she wouldn't rather be back in bed herself. She turned to Jason. "Do you think L.D.'s telling the truth?" she said.


    "This is the dangerous bit," whispered the little devil, peering into the pool. "Those are 'watch fish'. We'll have to cross very fast before they can get us.”
    Elizabeth was horrified. "I can't cross that," she whispered back. "The gaps are much too big. I'll just fall in."
    "Don't worry. I'll leap you across. Just hold on to my tail. Come on, there isn't much time.”



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